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Nothing can replace skill when it comes to plumbing repairs. Being a skilled trade, you must be trained and gain all the experience you can in order to be a successful plumber. However, if you want to make sure your plumbing business is successful, you need to have skills, training, and strategies that go beyond your plumbing expertise. Handy Plumbers is a company that offers the premier plumbing services in Bankside. Our team specialize in a number of plumbing services and we charge the lowest prices in Bankside.


You Can Depend on Our Emergency Plumbers in Bankside

Having a plumbing emergency can be a stressful experience for Bankside homeowners as the risk of water damage to your property is enormous. Have a burst pipe in your SE1 home? You can inadvertently mess with the plumbing when carrying out an indoor or outdoor renovation resulting in damage, old, corroded or otherwise worn pipes can burst if subjected to high water pressure; having air blockages in pipes can result in hammering which causes loosening at joints; overusing drain cleaning chemicals can corrode pipes resulting in weak points or tree root systems growing horizontally can interfere with your external plumbing layout. You can count on our team to handle all your plumbing repairs in Bankside!

The Fastest Help with Plumbing Repairs in SE1

Your pipes make a banging noise? Water hammering is most often the result of quick closing valves. These are installed on dishwashers, laundry machines, and toilets. The valve’s abrupt closure can result in banging sounds in the water supply pipes. You can avoid hammering by having our Bankside plumbers redo the insulation work around your pipes as well as installing hammer arrestors in water lines leading through quick valves. Whether you need help with central heating repairs in Bankside, combi boiler installation SE1 or gas safety checks, we can offer you the best solution. Contact us on 020 3744 4666 and be assured of immediate help!

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Competitively-priced Gas Boiler Replacement in Bankside

Handy Plumbers offers the best gas boiler replacement and installation service in Bankside. Hire us and you will sit back and relax knowing that we have your back. You do not need to worry for our boiler installers and plumbers are trained and fully insured. They are qualified to handle a variety of jobs; our team are experts in what they do. From combi boiler installation in Bankside to power flushing, we deliver a highly efficient service and guarantee fantastic results. Our prices are also reasonable and we make sure you get the best value for money service. For more details on pricing, or to get a free quotation, contact us on 020 3744 4666!

Learn More about Bankside

Bankside is an area of South East London that belongs to the London Borough of Southwark. The area is part of Bermondsey and Old Southwark Parliament constituency. Bankside is situated on the southern bank of the Thames and bears the SE1 postcode. The area is located around 1.5 miles from Charing Cross; it is based to the west of Blackfriars Bridge and close to St Mary Overie Dock. Better Bankside is a business improvement district that is part of Bankside. The nearest stations are Blackfriars station, Southwark tube station, London Bridge station. Bankside is served by bus routes 381 and RV1.

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Our Plumbing Services in SE1 Will Impress You

We offer so many other services to our clients in SE1. At Handy Plumbers we do power flushing to remove all dust and your equipment will be left clean. We also do gas safety inspections to make sure there is no leakage. Having Bankside plumbers you can trust with all your boiler installation and repair needs gives you peace of mind. It is important to always have the contact details of your plumber within your reach to avoid risks and damages that may be caused by broken equipment in your house. Hire Handy Plumbers by dialling on 020 3744 4666 for our plumbers in SE1 are insured and bonded. Their covers are up to date while they are working for you. They save you lots of money and effort. Hire us for boiler installation in Bankside or any other plumbing service and you will be delighted with the results!


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