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When I first contacted Cleaners-Clapham I didn't know what kind of cleaning service I needed, but the advisor was so helpful and talked through all the options with me and gave me lots of handy hints as we talked. Once I booked my appointment I was worried it wouldn't be as good as I hoped, but they absolutely surpassed my expectations and now I have a regular session booked in. Such a great service from start to end.

Essie H.

Since my stroke, I haven't been able to do the cleaning I used to do, and I can't sit around in a wheelchair all day looking at a mess. I tried a number of cleaning companies but none of them managed to do what I needed, and I'm not that hard to please. Finally I found Clapham Cleaners and I'm so glad I did. They come on a regular basis, treat me like family and when they leave I can really enjoy my little home again, even if I can't get up and run around. Very reliable and cost-effective services.

Eileen S.
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Huge thanks to Cleaning Company Clapham and their mattress cleaners! My mattress was starting to smell really bad and had become quite soiled so I hired a team from this agency to clean it for me. They did so in record time and the result was immaculate. Will recommend for sure!

Ronnie Taylor

My mum had used the carpet cleaning services of ClaphamCleaners and when I found a stain on my Persian rug, she recommended them. They were a blessing! The stain is completely gone and I've already booked them for next week to clean all my other carpets as well.

Angela Hawthorne

My parents are quite elderly and find it a real challenge to able to clean up in the house. I don't always have the time to do it either as my husband and I, are busy at work. One of our son's friends' mother recommended us this company called Clapham Cleaners and we are so grateful. The house looks so fresh and clean and we save so much time and money in the long run. It is a total must have.

Kelly M.
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It's got to be said that if you're looking for cleaners, most people know that Clapham Cleaners are the ones who you need to call. I can definitely add my name to the list of people who are recommending them. With all of the different options out there, getting the right help is usually vital. So I've been calling and talking to a number of firms and always have a little check. But no one ever comes close to matching these guys. There's no better option around, great service.

G. Thompson

I have several pets in my home and despite my best efforts, they're always getting onto the furniture. This means my upholstery becomes dirty and tattered quickly and it can be tough to clean. Wondering if I could get better results, I called Clapham Cleaners. Their cleaners came to my address, applied their skills, and made all my furniture look as good as new. It won't be long before my chairs are dirty again, so I call Clapham Cleaners without hesitation.

Winifred Anderson

Terrific people! My hubby always says that I like everyone but that doesn't matter ha but this lot were actually really really nice! He liked them as well and he admitted that they did a really great job we've been telling everyone that they're really good and they are! A lot of our home needs special wiping on the tiles and its too much to do on your own so I gave Clapham Cleaners a call and they came around and helped me with it, really nice people! And I've told everyone else to try them too! They actually do the job properly which I really like and they're a good price!

Mandy Lee
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My place had been looking a tip recently and with my job there's nothing I can do about it. I never get chance to do the cleaning these days and so I rang Clapham Cleaners and they sent someone round. They were brilliant. I needed a stain removing from the kitchen wall and they sorted that out straight away as well as handling the rest of my apartment top to bottom and making it look amazing. I can't fault this service - they did this one-off cleaning job so well that I will be back for more, no doubt.

Barry B.

Never in a million years did I think that I would be the one hiring a professional cleaner. I used to work for one of these companies back in the day, but ever since I threw my back out, I had to take a back seat to the new blood! Because of my professional experience, I can tell you for a fact that the good folks at Clapham Cleaners are as qualified as they come! They did a fantastic job with my home, taking care of all of the corners, not overlooking a single spot, and they're friendly too! The complete package, I say! Well worth looking into!

R. George

I am always staggered by how good my place looks after we have had Clapham Cleaners round. They make light work of what can be a pretty messy house, and I am always taken aback by how well they clean the place, despite only charging a fairy low price. You can't really beat decent value like that, and it given that I am quite keen to keep the money side of things in decent shape, I know all about good value! I have been using these guys for a while, and am always impressed, I recommend them highly.

Andrew Moore

My housemates are always arguing over whose turn it is to do this or that. Being a final year university student means that when it's my turn to do something, most of the time I don't have the time to do it and that gets everyone pretty angry. I decided to look into cleaners in the area to try and convince them that getting one would be beneficial. When I came across Clapham Cleaners, I was interested to see how good they were with such low prices so we gave them a go and our cleaner has been with us ever since.


Having a committed cleaning company is very important if you want your premises to be clean and tidy at all times. Far too often, I've seen cleaners let things slip and fail to get to grips with stains in carpets and streaks on windows and in many business premises, it pays to have a clean and presentable front of house. I've had the best service from Clapham Cleaners and the effort and results we receive from their office cleaning team are superb. I have a very tidy and fresh reception area and my customers often notice this when they come in for an appointment.

Danielle N.

Me and my friends share small student house and keeping it clean is impossible. We are either too busy with work or going out to see to it. Not wanting to live in filth, we decided to pool together and hire a cleaner. We called up Clapham Cleaners and we settled on them immediately. A cleaner came to our house and she spent the day cleaning up while we were out. When we got back, the house was immaculate and we couldn't thank her enough. Now we hire a cleaner from Clapham Cleaners every few weeks, so we can have fun, work hard and sill have clean house.

Bernadette H.

The only real company which I've been able to recommend to other people is Clapham Cleaners. Usually, it's a case of a company being able to deliver a perfectly satisfactory service, but nothing to shout about. Not with these guys. They really do make a huge difference when it comes to making sure that my home is clean and they've worked far harder than anyone I've ever had the pleasure of working with before. If you're looking for some really good help in order to get your home cleaned, these are certainly the only ones I could bring myself to recommending.

Katherine Carter

Having had very little luck with cleaning companies in the past, I was pleased to finally find a decent one in Clapham Cleaners. They are very much the best clean that I have ever had in my home, and you will no doubt find that they can do the same for you as well! The service was good value, and there was nothing to complain of whatsoever, which in general meant it was a great job on their part! I will be using them for as long as this service remains excellent, and I hope that that is for a long while yet!

Anthony Barnes

I have never had a cleaner round before, and I must admit that I wish I had done so sooner! It is such a relief to come home to a fantastically clean home, especially when it is so much cleaner than I had ever got it! As an added bonus, the guys from Clapham Cleaners are so experiences and knowledgable about cleaning, that they can get the job done in no time at all, and this of course means that the price is pretty low as well! Great cleaning for an excellent price? I'm convinced, and would suggest that everyone try them out as soon as possible!

Diane Allison

What an exceptional cleaning company! My house is the envy of all of my friends thanks to Clapham Cleaners and their amazing cleaners. I really don't know how I ever got by without them. Everything from my carpets to my ceilings are always immaculately clean, and even pet odours are something I no longer need to worry about. I can't thank my cleaner enough for everything that she's done for me, and I can't recommend this company enough if you want a reliable and affordable cleaner! I'm very happy with the service I've received and will definitely be using this company for a long time!


I have no idea how long I've been searching for the right cleaners, but after two months with Clapham Cleaners, I can safely say that the search is over. After moving to the area, I must have gone through at least five different cleaning companies for one reason or another, but only one has managed to supply exactly what I have needed, which is pretty much a balance of everything great. It's hard to find a fault, from the cleaning quality to the price, everything seems to just add up to excellence, which is really just the way you want it.

Jerry Collins

Knowing well that the domestic work is far beyond me and that I have no one in my life who has to suffer doing it for me, hiring a cleaner seemed a natural move. I know how hard it is to understand whether one service or another is best for your needs, so I thought I'd leave my thoughts here. Clapham Cleaners are incredibly good value for money, and they will do everything to ensure that your housework is sorted in the best way possible for your needs. Having a team like this on board will always ensure that you are confident in the state of your place, no matter who is coming round, they are well worth trying out!

Clifford King

I had worked with numerous office cleaning companies in the past and was always less than satisfied. I vowed to myself that I would find a professional business cleaner who could provide customized cleaning options. The staff at Clapham Cleaners were able to meet my office cleaning needs. And, their prices were affordable. I was able to work on a convenient cleaning schedule with their cleaning specialists that is convenient for my busy office. They are a great cleaning company and I would highly recommend them to any manager looking for a professional cleaning service.

Ashley S.

I would recommend Clapham Cleaners's carpet cleaning team to anyone. I thought I was presenting them with something of a challenge with my long-neglected floors, but I think they had seen it all before! They came in and took a quick look, pulled some clever contraption out of the van and set to work. A few hours later I was staring at a vibrant and new-looking carpet. I had forgotten it looked that good, and the team recommended I get it done once a year or so in future. I will certainly be calling again next year, they have done a great job!

T. Dagless

I never thought that I'd be able to afford to hire a professional cleaning company to help me out with cleaning my home but then someone recommended Clapham Cleaners to me. At first I thought their low prices were too good to be true, but I gave them a call and was really surprised to find out that they are! This is one of the cheapest cleaning companies I've ever come across and the service they provide is infallible! I really can't find a fault with this company as they're experienced, friendly and they're amazingly talented when it comes to cleaning.

Ian S.

When my sister hired Clapham Cleaners to professional clean her home I was really impressed with the service and the job they'd done. I'd been thinking about hiring a regular domestic cleaner but had just never gotten around to it. I gave the company a call and they set me up with one of the most experienced and reliable cleaners I've ever had the pleasure of hiring! Whether it's the dusting, vacuuming or even scrubbing the toilet - my cleaner does a brilliant job every single time. It's affordable and speedy - I love having a domestic cleaner in my home!

Pippa K.

It seemed that whenever I found a chunk of time to carry out a spring clean it was quickly robbed from me by another more urgent activity. Being a bit of a stickler for cleanliness it began getting to me - I knew the fridge hadn't been cleaned for far too long and the cupboards even longer. So I decided my last resort was to hire the professionals, and I chose Clapham Cleaners. What a choice. They dusted, polished and cleaned every inch of my home in under a day. It was superb; they will be coming back next year!

Q. Neville

Having a cleaner come round every couple of weeks is a great way to ensure that I don't neglect the place, as things can get a bit on top of you when you live on your own. Clapham Cleaners are always supplying friendly cleaners, and if the regular lady cannot make it, they send a replacement to fill in. Using a company is great, as you can track down employees if you ever have an issue, which makes the whole thing a lot safer, especially if you are worried about having strangers in the house.

G. Smalls

Cleaning is no fun, and as me and my wife are so busy at the moment, we decided to get a company in to do it for us. Clapham Cleaners are amazing, in that they get it all done without any bother or any need for us to be around. We trust them completely and feel like they are a perfect addition to our lives, because the place looks great when we get home, and they treat the house with respect, leaving things where they are so that nothing goes missing or gets tidied away unnecessarily.

Michael Andrews

Big thank you to the guys at Clapham Cleaners. After my fiftieth, our house was left in a bit of a state. My husband decided to treat us to a visit from Clapham Cleaners and they had us back up and running in a matter of hours. I'll never forget the mess that we woke up to on that morning, but it was so nice knowing that the lovely people from Clapham Cleaners would be around to help us tidy and clean everything. They really did do a wonderful job and I'd like to take the chance to thank them again.

Abigail Dickey

When I first moved out on my own, with my own house and my new high-flying job, I never knew how much of my time I'd spend worrying about how to best clean my flat. I guess my mum took too much time to mothering me and not enough time teaching me to fend for myself. Enter Clapham Cleaners. It's like having my mum (maybe even a bit better) right there with me. Things are kept clean and tidy and I don't even have to worry about the dusting. Nothing could really replace my mum, but Clapham Cleaners come really, really close.

Lily H.

My wife is a real stickler for cleanliness. I hired Clapham Cleaners as a treat for her birthday, needing to get everything cleared up for her party. She knew something was up as soon as she walked into the house: she knew I could never get things this clean. I have never met a woman with higher standards than my wife, and there's only one company she now trusts to handle any sort of cleaning in our home. Clapham Cleaners, I just want to say thanks on behalf of me and my wife, you guys are the best!

Joe Philips

I'll be the first to admit I can be lazy when it comes to keeping my home clean. I find myself ignoring the mess that builds up so that I have more free time to do other things. When the mess started to become too much and was affecting my home life, I hired Clapham Cleaners. They sent some cleaners to my home and they worked hard until everything was clean and tidy. My house has never looked this good and I still don't have to do any work. My house looking good is proof that they are the best.

J. Lee

I wanted to take the chance to thank Cleaners Clapham myself. My daughter used to handle my cleaning but it became too much for her so she hired a cleaner to help. Every week I get a visit from a professional who cleans my home top to bottom. It's never looked this nice, even after living here for thirty years. The cleaner is always polite and hardworking, so I am always impressed with them. My daughter has already given a review but I wanted to show appreciation for them myself.


I have always strived for the best of everything, so when it came to my home, I felt no different. In order to keep it at its max cleanliness, I would need the help of the top cleaning firm around. I quickly realised this was ClaphamCleaners and hired them immediately. They proved my expectations of them by cleaning every part of my home, eliminating dust and stains, as well as reducing clutter. I didn't think my home could look this good, but when you have such help, it is expected.

Ryan Robins

I have never, ever enjoyed cleaning up. When I lived with my parents I would avoid cleaning my room at all costs but now that I have my own flat, I know I can't just ignore things. I want to keep it tidy but I couldn't bear spending so much time doing it, so I saved some money and contacted Clapham Cleaners. Every couple of weeks a cleaner comes to my flat and washes, tidies and polishes everything, so with a few hours, my home looks greater and I didn't have to do a thing. Thanks!

Rebecca Nelson

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