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What is power flushing?

If your central heating seems a bit sluggish and slow to warm up you may be thinking that it means you need a new system or boiler installed. Luckily this isn't always the case - it may just need a round of power flushing to get it back on track. Here is where we at Handy Plumbers come in!

Power flushing is pretty much what it sounds like: when your central heating isn't performing at its best, plumbers will flush the system with a powerful blast of water. This power flush is designed to release and remove any clogs that may have built up over time, and restore your central heating system to its optimal functioning.

Another benefit of power flushing London is that the water that is flushed round will include a chemical that is designed to prevent corrosion in the future, and reduce the chances of any future clogs.

So not only does your heating system work more efficiently right away, it will last you much longer, saving you the worry of having to replace it in the future.

What happens when we do a power flush?

Power flushing is a simple and effective solution to sluggish heating systems and one of our qualified plumbers will complete the process for you. First they will attach a flushing pump to your system and send a high pressure flush of water around the system to dislodge any clogs.

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They may repeat this process if deemed necessary. This is all done using the existing pipe network of your heating, which means minimal disruption to your plumbing and home.

How do you know if you need a power flush?

While we'd always recommend having your system checked out by one of qualified plumbers London to do a full assessment, there are also some tell-tale signs that might indicate your heating needs a power flush:

Heating is slow to come one

Some or all of your radiators are cold, despite being turned on

Radiators need frequent bleeding

Dirty water when you do bleed your radiator

Regular pump failure

'Kettle' like noises from your boiler

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How much is a power flush?

At Handy Plumbers we aim to keep the power flush cost as low as we can. It may vary depending on the exact circumstances of your heating system that is why we offer huge discounts and special offers for all our customers. In this way we make sure you pay the lowest price for the best service in London.

Benefits of hiring our plumbing services

At Handy Plumbers we firmly believe that power flushing is the best approach initially when you notice your heating isn't working at its best, it's a quick and efficient solution and could save you a lot of money in the long run. Some of the long term benefits of having a London power flush include:

More efficient heating system

A complete clean of the whole system, not just the radiators

Removal of corrosive elements, and prevention of future corrosion

Increased heat from radiators means your home in London stays warmer

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